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Let’s talk about the Blog

Blogging is such a funny thing. Kind of an egotistical thing. A “look at me” thing. Or so I originally thought.

When someone suggested that I start a blog, I kinda shrugged and wondered who would read about what I was doing. I had just moved to Pender Island and I was looking at keeping a few hives of bees. Not terribly exciting or different. Not like sailing around the world or anything. But I liked writing. I’d gone to university for it after all. So why not do some writing and not take anything too seriously.

Then we moved onto a farm and tried our hand at sustainable living. We got some readers who were interested in homesteading and making cheese and processing garden produce.

Then we got pregnant. Mom blogs are all the rage so wasn’t I lucky I could tilt my blog with such a popular angle. (I’m being cheeky.) Then we moved onto a boat.

Moved onto a boat? Say Whaaat?

Then our baby was born, and had a heart defect. Yeah things got more interesting. Thank goodness I had a blog to document our journey!

I’ve been so lucky to connect with fantastic people through the blog. Sharing pictures, connecting to other bloggers who are doing similar things, or doing something completely different but also completely interesting.

From the blog, I’ve made fantastic friends. I’ve received care packages of clothes for Gabrielle. (Even a quilt.) I’ve even flown to Mexico to be a doula for someone I’d never physically met. All because of the blog.

Then on Monday morning a really cool thing happened. I checked my email and there was an email from a producer at BBC UK asking if I wanted to participate in a radio programme about birth stories. (Birth is sort of my thing.) I was jazzed. Completely stoked.

Here is a link to the radio programme. It’s my little voice at about 17 minutes in. (it’s an hour long.)

Blogging has become so much more than just a tiny voice saying “look at me!” It has been a source of community. It has been networking. It has been a beautiful beginning to friendships that I treasure so much!

So here’s a big thank you for the friends who tune into this space. Thank you for being with me on this crazy journey.


(Picture courtesy of Gabrielle)






These pictures just about sum up all of last week. I got Gabrielle the Ladybug helmet on Tuesday and from Tuesday until Friday when I left for a birth, we hung out on the road, riding the tricycle. Zooooooming, she says.

Then the weekend was a blur and now we are all back on Pender and back to the tricycle.

And everyone is happy.

Keeping it Real.


The garden is exploding. One basket of tomatoes at a time.


I’ve come to accept that every season has its perks and its downfalls. But with the last two weeks of sun beating down on our tiny island, I am definitely enjoying the perks.


Early morning coffee on the deck. The humming birds buzzing the feeder and the buzz of bees pollinating the broccoli and bolting radishes and borage.


I read an article a while ago that discussed how social media makes our lives seem perfect to our acquaintances. Because we have the opportunity to broadcast the lovely things about our lives and put up the beautiful pictures of ourselves and we may leave out the not-so-shiny bits.

This blog is not for that purpose. I know I read some blogs and feel jealous of their life in beautiful pictures with this never-ending supply of crafty ideas.

I believe that life has seasons just like this glorious summer season we are enjoying. Sometimes my life is hard and stressful (Read: heart surgery) and sometimes my life is really summer sun and fresh glorious garden produce.


This is the picture I posted (above) about a 6am tricycle ride. Where I was ironically complaining about the early morning while being thrilled that my daughter wants to be outside all the time.


This is the picture right after when she put an old staining brush she found crusty on the deck, in my morning coffee.

Just trying to keep it real for you!

Whatever season of your life you are in, I’m sending many blessings from our small life to yours.


Not about that….


So, when Marc found out he had a hernia, I said, “Oh, so you want to be quite private about this?”

My question is valid. He is a very private person.

He responded by saying, “Well, you can tell people. but don’t do a blog post about it or anything.”


So I’m not doing a blog post about it.


Anyway, he had his hernia surgery on Monday and since then he has been on the couch recuperating. In the time since he found out and was suffering with his hernia, I attended two births. We’ve been just a touch busy around here lately.


But we’ve found our way. The babies have still been taken care of. As you can see from the picture above, they are getting ready for dinner. I have been doing the “blue” and “pink” jobs around here including mowing the lawn. Twice.


The first attempt was a little skewed as I was figuring out how the mower worked and uh… apparently I can’t mow in a straight line. So, the lawn looked kinda like a bad haircut. But the second time it is much better. I’m actually proud to say I did it instead of hoping someone else takes the blame for the choppy grass with stray ends.



In between all this birthing and hernia-ing and gardening and summer-ing that has befallen us, we have been enjoying the sun. (Yeah, I actually have a tan! In Canada! Who ever heard of such a ridiculous thing?!) We have peas popping out of every corner of the pea row and Gabrielle has taken it upon herself to search out and chomp every.single.one. The chard is being nibbled in stir fries, fried rice, and even burgers. Chard omelette? Yes please!

And the tomatoes are turning yellow. Oooo yum!

There is a hum over the garden now as the garden is wreathed in blackberry bushes. The bees are all over it. Every kind of bee. Mason bees, bumble bees and honey bees all slurping up that sweet nectar. The hive smells like honey and the frames are hiding purple nectar in every corner! Go bees!

We are happy and busy. And healing. Thanks for stopping in.

(See Marc, I didn’t blog about your hernia! Well, not the whole post!)

A-A-A: An Auntie Again

I am an auntie again!

Getting to witness my niece enter the world is going to be one of the highlights of my whole life. I think being an Auntie is nearly better than being a mother, because I get a new little bundle in my life to love, and I don’t have to go through the pregnancy and childbirth part. That’s a win-win in my books!

We have been in the full swing of Spring around these parts. The farm Marc works for got chickens and it could not be more thrilling for Gabrielle. There are tomatoes forming in tiny green balls on our tomato plants. The barbecue is getting a work-out again and we are rejoicing with on-the-deck dinners and lots of picnics.

I recently had the chance to volunteer at Mother-fest at Mothering Touch Store in Victoria. Holding new babies and oggling at all the pregnant bellies was as wonderful as you can imagine. And now we are about to plan our first camping trip of the season. Nope- no sailing yet as we’re waiting on our boat cushions to be finished before we head out into the waves. (They are getting re-covered with some very spiffy fabric. Blog post to come)

You know, as a drive to prenatal appointments with clients, or to a book sale, or to pick up honeybees, I write little blog posts in my head. But then when I get a quiet moment, I find myself reading or knitting, or working on my new course I’m taking and not blogging. So do excuse the quietness around these parts. Sometimes life is just bursting and this is the most quiet part of my life!