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Guerilla Gardening


Ever heard of Guerilla Gardening? I hadn’t either until I typed in a random search and found, as always, that wikipedia had my answers. Guerilla Gardening is often an act of political protest from environmentalists but it’s strict definition is gardening on someone else’s land. Though this gardening is not strictly for political gain, it does include gardening as an entirely political gesture rather, than one with genuine horticultural ambition.


In 1996, 500 activists in occupied 13 acres in South London owned by Guinness for 5 1/2 months. They squatted and gardened, grew their own food, in protest to the mismanagement of land and the urban suburbs in London.

Copenhagen, Denmark was also struck by Guerilla gardening when 1000 people turned an empty plot of land into a garden in one night.

This Guerilla Gardening movement has spread all through South Africa, Australia and England. I think it’s fascinating and encouraging that people care so much about the land.


Capitalism advanced technology and motivated us to develop and build houses, buy things, have more. But isn’t it missing the point? Isn’t the point Community? Love? Learning and Inner Growth? I know this has a 60′s-hippy-ring to it. Why can’t we all live in communes and just LOVE each other?!

Or am I just longing for Eden again?

“The Earth is a Common Treasury for All”- Digger Gerrard Winstaley.